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Group of companies AvtokomTehnolodgy (30 Мб)
Group of companies AvtokomTehnolodgy (4,1 Мб)



Pluggable mechanical seals SPLITBOX
Pluggable mechanical seals SPLITMIX for mixers
Catalog of hydraulic seals
Catalog of conveyor components and chains
Pumps vertical multistage centrifugal series CDL, CDLF
Pumps single-stage centrifugal series TD
Centrifugal multistage horizontal pumps series CHL, CHLF-T, CHLF
Pumps submersible sewer series WQ-I, WQ-JY-I, WQ-W-I
Pumps single-stage centrifugal pumps NISO, NIS, NISF
Centrifugal borehole multistage centrifugal pumps of SJ series
Single-stage two-suction pumps with horizontal connector of the NSC series
Vertical pump vertical turbine series VTP
Centrifugal multi-section centrifugal pumps HMC series
Pumps chemical flow part of fluoroplastic series SZ
Pumps vertical semi-submersible centrifugal multi-stage series CDLK, CDLKF
Pumps gas-liquid self-priming from stainless steel series QY-B, QYL-B
Centrifugal single-stage centrifugal pumps of stainless steel series ZS
Pumps light horizontal single-stage centrifugal MS series
Pumps non-self-priming for sewage SP series
PBS series pressure pumping units
Pumping installations of fire extinguishing
Mechanical seal marking
Storage conditions of rubber details
Table of material properties
Interchangeability table of rotary pressure joints
Interchangeability table of mechanical seals
Mounting and operating instruction of rotary joints
Mounting and operating instruction of mechanical seals
Manual for operation of mechanical seals UCA, UCB, UCC, UCD
Mechanical seals BT-1
Mechanical seals BV-1
Mechanical seals BV-2
Mechanical seals BV-TNG
Mechanical seals CHEM NM-3
Mechanical seals CHEM NV-4
Mechanical seals NM-1
Mechanical seals NM-4
Mechanical seals NM-2100
Mechanical seals NMM-1
Mechanical seals NMM-2
Mechanical seals NS-1
Mechanical seals NT-1
Mechanical seals NT-2
Mechanical seals NT-FS
Mechanical seals NT-HG
Mechanical seals NV-1
Mechanical seals NV-2
Mechanical seals NV-3
Mechanical seals SEALMIX-1
Mechanical seals SEALMIX-2
Mechanical seals 113 / 153 / 153D
Mechanical seals APIX by API 682
Mechanical seals by API 682
Mechanical seals by API 682-1
Mechanical seals by API 682-2
Mechanical seals by API 682-3
Mechanical seals for oil-processing and petrochemical industry
Mechanical seals for food production
Mechanical seals for water supply, water removal pumps
Mechanical seals for pulp and paper industry
Mechanical seals for Alfa Laval pumps
Mechanical seals for Grundfos pumps
Mechanical seals for Hilge pumps
Cartridge mechanical seals UCA APP / UCD APP
Cartridge mechanical seals UCA / UCB
Cartridge mechanical seals UCC / UCD
Fixed rings S1 / S2
Fixed rings S2G4 / S3
Fixed rings S4 / S5
Fixed rings S5G50 / S6
Fixed rings S7 / S8
Catalog of universal rotary pressure joints
Rotary pressure joints OP
Rotary pressure joints UOPB
Rotary pressure joints UOPD
Rotary pressure joints UOPM
Thermosyphon systems of VS
Catalog of graphite products
Graphite components in the continuous casting process
Graphite components of equipment in the process and chemical industries
Graphite electrodes in the process and chemical industries
Graphite vacuum pump and compressor blades
Graphite plain bearings
Segment sealing rings
Sealing rings for steam heads and ball valve seats