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Graphite products

Graphite products

Graphite products possess high thermal resistance and excellent strength characteristics, thanks to unique physical and chemical properties. These parameters, in combination with small porosity of graphite, allow to make high-quality metallurgical graphitized electrodes and to exclude emergency processes.

Qualitative graphite products are an irreplaceable element of difficult and power-intensive technological processes.

The graphitized electrodes are made on the basis of oil and needle coke and coal-tar pitches. Such graphite products the rudotermicheskikh and other electrotechnical installations is used in arc steel-smelting furnaces, refining, ferroalloy furnaces.

The production range where graphite products and carbon-containing materials are applied, is extremely wide. It and the graphite blades used in grooves of rotors of electric motors it and technological processes of smelting became, resistance furnaces working in vacuum or the protective environment, graphite products are also used in production of semiconductor materials and in many other difficult, responsible and hi-tech productions.

The AvtokomTehnolodgy group of companies is the official representative of producer the graphite products Kroma Ltd (Serbia)

We deliver graphite sliding bearings, blades of vacuum pumps and compressors, segment mating rings, mating rings of steam heads and a saddle of the spherical valve, graphite components the used in production of glass products, processes of continuous molding, graphitized electrodes and components for the overworking and chemical industry.

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