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Import substitution components and spare parts Krones. Avtokomtekhnolodgy Group produces components and spare parts for Krones read more
One of the main activities of the AvtokomTehnolodgy group of companies is metalworking. read more
Our production site allows us to carry out a full technological cycle for the manufacture of rubber products, from production, rolling of rubber compounds and manufacturing of blanks, to obtain molded products on vulcanizing presses. read more
Категория гибридных подшипников стоит между полностью керамическими подшипниками и стальными подшипниками. Гибридный подшипник это конструкция с керамическими шариками между металлическими внутренним и внешним кольцами read more
Avtokomtehnolodgy Group specializes in the production of KHS GmbH components and spare parts for high-quality European food industry equipment read more
The AvtokomTehnolodgy group of companies carries out work on hardening billets or customer parts in volumetric hardening electric furnaces with a working chamber size of 500x300x290, LxWxH mm. read more
Since mechanical and thermal deformations are dangerous for the performance and operational reliability of the mechanical seal even when operating in the range of medium and high pressures, at their maximum possible values, the probability of fail... read more
Mechanical seals work in a variety of conditions, so along with leaks, durability and power losses, their operational reliability and reliability are crucial. read more
The materials of friction pairs should be selected taking into account the chemical aggressiveness of the condensed medium. A slight erosion of materials with a liquid to be sealed can often be foreseen by tolerances and compensated by an appropri... read more
Sealing devices are necessary to separate zones with different temperatures, pressures and working media. Seals prevent leakage and access of various particles to the pumped medium. read more